Surprising Products That Will Improve Your Sleep Routine

6 Surprising Products That Will Improve Your Sleep Routine. After a long and busy day, there’s no better feeling than hitting your bed and getting some well-deserved shuteye.

Surprising Products That Will Improve Your Sleep Routine. After a long and busy day, there’s no better feeling than hitting your bed and getting some well-deserved shuteye. But for many people, sleep doesn’t come as easily as they’d like. You could be experiencing the same problem—even though you’re ready to sleep, your body may not be. Pent-up stress, anxiety, or restlessness may be preventing you from fully unwinding and settling into a more restful mode.

Traditional ways of prepping your body to relax and get ready for bed include putting on pajamas, home socks, or sleeping masks. But by no means are these the only things you can use to keep up a healthy sleep routine. In fact, there are a number of innovative new products on the market that may just improve your sleep routine for the better. Here’s a roundup of six surprising products that can help you attain deep, uninterrupted, and consistent sleep.

Sleepwear Infused with Cannabidiol (CBD)

One category of products you can consider is sleepwear infused with cannabidiol, a phytocannabinoid, or a compound found in the cannabis plant. A key ingredient in medical marijuana, CBD has long been acknowledged for its pain relief and anxiety-reducing properties. However, it’s only recently that CBD has been incorporated into apparel for bedtime use.

CBD clothing such as sleepwear contains tiny microcapsules that are woven into the fabric. These will break when they experience friction and, in turn, will release CBD onto your skin. Now that CBD sleepwear is starting to become more mainstream, you can try CBD-infused pajamas or home socks for yourself. These may help you achieve the deep relaxation needed to fall and stay asleep.

Blue Light Glasses

Another thing that may be getting in the way of a healthier sleep routine is your exposure to blue light. Present in TV screens, mobile screens, and tablet screens, this is the kind of light that helps your brain translate light into full images. Though it boosts your alertness while you look at these screens during the day, too much of it prevents you from resting properly at night. That’s because blue light also blocks melatonin or the hormone that’s responsible for making you sleepy.

That said, you may not be able to help to check your notifications on social media or to watch your favorite TV shows at night. But you can control your exposure to blue light by wearing blue light glasses, which actively block it out. You can put them on while having your pre-bedtime screen time at least two hours before you intend to hit the hay. Doing so may result in some much-needed improvement to the quality of your sleep.

Temperature-Regulating Bed Sheets

Yet another thing that may be keeping you from getting a good night’s rest is the temperature of your bed. It’s hard to sleep when it feels too warm or stuffy between the sheets. However, you might also feel too cold or too exposed without your blanket and sheets. How do you achieve a comfortable middle ground?

The answer may be to use temperature-regulating bed sheets on your mattress. These are sheets that can absorb, store, and re-release heat from your body, thus making you more comfortable when you’re lying down in bed. Most varieties are also manufactured with thread counts that make them more breathable. These will definitely increase your comfort level in bed, especially when external circumstances—like the weather outside—affect the overall temperature in your bedroom.

Weighted Blanket

How many times have you gone to bed still thinking about the things that make you anxious? If it’s a regular occurrence, and your heart’s still racing by the time you lie down, it’s no wonder you can’t sleep. Sometimes your body needs a physical cue that it’s safe to unwind. For many, a weighted blanket has succeeded in doing this.

A weighted blanket works by placing gentle pressure on your body, thus lowering your heart rate and helping you relax. That puts you in a calmer state and, in turn, readier to go to sleep. Some describe the sensation of using a weighted blanket as similar to being given a warm hug. That should give you an idea of how it could contribute to your sleep routine.

Blackout Curtains

It can also be very hard to fall asleep or to stay asleep when it’s too bright outside. What if your apartment window is near a street light that stays on at night? What if you live in a very sunny part of town and you get woken up earlier than you’d like by the sun’s rays?

One solution that can help you control the amount of light that goes into your bedroom is blackout curtains. These curtains have additional fabric layers sewn into them that help them block out light. Some products are also built to block out unwanted noise. To make your room extra dark and to help you rest for longer, you can install these at your bedroom window.

White Noise Machine

Noise is also a factor in one’s ideal sleeping environment. Some people need absolute silence to sleep properly. But others may want comforting background noise to help them feel at ease. A white noise machine will be a great investment if you’re the latter.

Depending on which machine you buy, you can choose from a variety of calming sounds that will help your body loosen up. Some examples include rainfall, ocean waves, or the gentle hum of a fan. You can also adjust the volume to your liking, and set a timer so that these sounds stop playing when you’re finally asleep.

For sure, these products can help you cue your body into a more restful, more consistent sleep routine. However, they must also be paired with good sleep hygiene—your own initiative to keep up healthy sleep habits. This means you should avoid going to bed too late if you can help it, and aim to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep on average. Also cut down on food and beverages that will prevent you from falling asleep quickly, like coffee and soda, when it’s nighttime. When you wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy for the coming day, you’ll be thankful you paid enough attention to your sleep routine!