Why Do Some Vapers Prefer Dry Herb Vaporizers?

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Vaping today has become more sophisticated and more complicated than it ever has been. If you’re new to vaping, the choices seem a bit overwhelming, and it can get a bit confusing figuring out which products are the best for your needs. Cannabis vapers, in particular, are often faced with the “oil vs. dry herb” conundrum.

Of course, there are plenty of vapers out there who like both oil and dry herb vaping. But generally speaking, most people tend to lean one way or another. These days, it seems that more vapers who are deep into the vaping seem to prefer dry herb somewhat more than oil. Here are some reasons why many vapers stick with dry herb vaping.

1.) Oils can be too potent

The usual analogy is that oils are like shots of liquor while the dry herb is more like beer. There are a lot of potent dry herb selections out there, but most pale in comparison in terms of pure THC and CBD content compared to most cannabis oils on the market.

Of course, as with beer and liquor, you will have people who prefer one over the other. Generally speaking, vapers that prefer a convenient, intense high might gravitate towards oils, while those who want a milder high to complement other activities may tend to go for dry herb.

This can be a gross generalization, though, as the THC content is more determined by the specific strain of cannabis or oil product you use, rather than the type of vaping device you have.

2.) Dry herb provides more complex natural flavors

Many vapers of both dry herb and cannabis claim that dry herb delivers more natural flavors, such as a pleasant mildly grassy taste as well as other flavors that you simply won’t find when vaping oils. The experience flavor-wise is often likened to oils being similar to artificial vanilla and dry herb being similar to natural vanilla, where the flavor profiles are broadly similar, but with oils lacking the depth and complexity of natural dry herb.

This isn’t to say that you cannot have complex flavors with cannabis oil. However, as with processed food, having the right type and combination of ingredients can be a challenge, and it’s difficult to avoid artificial ingredients in many widely available oils on the market.

3.) Some people dislike the idea of vaping “overprocessed” products

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Similar to how many people dislike junk food because they dislike the idea of artificial ingredients or not having enough control over what goes into their food, there are also plenty of vapers who dislike the idea of man-made ingredients in their vape products. 

There’s also a history of oils being processed with relatively crude methods, often with dangerous chemicals and with little regard towards consumer safety. This is much less true today, but it still has an effect on the overall perception of oils.

With dry herb vaporizers, it’s much easier to have control over what exactly you are vaping. What you put in is always what you get. This can appeal to those who want a more “natural” high. 

Another point to consider is that many vapers like the short ritual of preparing herb, much like many people like the whole process of brewing coffee over just pouring hot water over some instant coffee powder.

4.) Flexibility

With a dry herb vape device such as the Mighty dry herb vaporizer, you can use virtually any dry herb you can think of, not just cannabis or tobacco. There are plenty of vapers who use other herbs for therapeutic or recreational purposes. 

 Some popular herbs that could be safely used in a dry herb vaporizer include:

  • Basil, 
  • Chamomile 
  • Damiana
  • Eucalyptus 
  • Green Tea 
  • Hops
  • Lavender 
  • Peppermint 
  • Rosemary 
  • Thyme

Because of how a dry herb vaporizer works, these herbs can be directly used on their own or combined with cannabis or tobacco.

5.) Ease of use

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 While oil cartridge vaporizers can be convenient, dry herb vaporizers such as the Mighty dry herb vaporizers are usually easier to clean and heat up much faster, as oils generally take a higher temperature to vaporize. This often means a smaller capacity battery can be used, which also tends to mean a smaller overall size for the vaporizer.

While dry herb vaporizers seem to have more ardent advocates, both oil and dry herb vaporizers have their advantages, and there is no reason you can’t enjoy both. Make sure to source your vape supplies from a reputable dealer to ensure that your vaping experience is both pleasurable and safe.

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