7 High-Energy Cannabis Strains To Help You Get Active And Fight Fatigue

7 High-Energy Cannabis Strains To Help You Get Active And Fight Fatigue

Cannabis is a fascinating plant species that has more to offer every time you look deeper. The current legalization opens up means to conduct various research in order to understand the different strains of this plant and how each of these can benefit us. The plant, in general, has various health benefits but the varying strains indicate different types and levels of terpenes, CBD and THC which are responsible for various other effects observed while consuming them.

For example, indica strains are known to uplift your mood and help you feel relaxed with their enticing spicy notes. One such effect is an enhanced amount of energy in the body that can help you stay focussed and energized throughout the day.

Here are 7 Cannabis strains that can bring in these energy boosts and keep you active and help you fight fatigue.

1. Green Crack: A deceiving name to start with, Green crack is among the few best strains that can make you feel energetic and active instantly. This is a Sativa dominant strain which delivers a deep and intense high that is mostly cerebral. The buzzy high you can obtain from even small quantities of this strain can help enhance focus and creativity. The warm, earthy scent that shows hints of citrus is a lovely feeling that will make you feel refreshed. It also creates a degree of euphoria and helps you get through the day with high spirits.

7 High-Energy Cannabis Strains To Help You Get Active And Fight Fatigue

2. Durban Poison: The strain can give an amazing energy burst that it can give your espresso shots a run for their efficiency. This is considered one of the most energetic strains in the world which come with about 24% THC. This is the espresso of cannabis strains and can increase your productivity all day long with its high. It also creates a sense of euphoria and is often used for treating people suffering from mood disorders. 

3. Jillybean: This is a Sativa-dominant strain which is a perfect balance of Space Queen and Orange Skunk and has a considerably moderate level of THC of about 15-18%. The smell of tropical fruits bonding with the citrusy flavor is a sweet blend you can simply not miss. This strains also creates a feeling of euphoria and a comfortable cerebral high that can be a rush of energy. It can also increase your creative juices and make you more productive even during dull days. This strain is also effective for people suffering from anxiety, depression, and mood-related disorders.

4. Harlequin: Unlike common understanding higher amounts of THC does not necessarily stand reason behind why some strains of marijuana plants can give energy boosts in individuals. In fact, Harlequin is one such strain, with low levels of THC, that gives you a great energy boost while you feel light and weightless. This can be a great choice for people looking to increase energy for better decision making. It can also be helpful for treating pain related disorders. The strain does not cause you to feel dizzy or sleepy but comes with mild psychoactive effects. Get best marijuana delivery service hands down and good quality products for a decent prices

7 High-Energy Cannabis Strains To Help You Get Active And Fight Fatigue

5. Chocolope: If you would like a wake and bake ritual to keep you completely energized for the day then Chocolope can be the right choice for you. The earthy flavors and soft scents will match with distinct flavors from your morning cup of coffee elegantly. This is also a sativa-dominant strain that has about 18-21 % THC. The strain is quite strong and can be taken in small quantities to achieve amazing energy boots. Yet the strain does not make you feel heavy while you are high which is the best part. It gives out a pungent chocolate aroma that is tolerable and is quite effective for getting rid of fatigue.

6. Super Lemon Haze: This is a winner strain that has been the cannabis smokers favorites for a long time now. With about 20 % THC content this is a hybrid variety between lemon skunk and Super Silver Haze. The citrusy smell that floats around from the lemon skunk strain is a brilliant start to a refreshing day. The soft tones of pine that surround this with the earthy hints make the strain an amazing choice for enjoying a lovely high. This strain can light up the mood and in fact enhance appetite and can hence be useful for treating people suffering from depression.

7 High-Energy Cannabis Strains To Help You Get Active And Fight Fatigue

7. Jack Herer: This is one of the hybrid haze strains from feminized cannabis seeds with about 55% sativa that delivers the energy required by the body. This can help you with a creative high that is relaxing and energizing at the same time. This strain has fairly low THC content which makes it an ideal choice for newcomers.

If you looking for the right strains to give you the energy to increase awareness and productivity throughout the day these 7 strains can be a great start to achieve the goal. Various cannabis products like CBD oil, hemp oil, cannabis topicals, etc. are beneficial for various health purposes. You can get healthy with cannabis oil, if you will incorporate its use in your everyday life.

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