Best 13 Tips to Follow to Successfully Get into School in 2019

Best 13 Tips to Follow to Successfully Get into School in 2019

 So, you want to be a pharmacist? As a field in medicine, it’s highly competitive like many healthcare careers. As such, only about a quarter of applicants to a pharmacy school get accepted.

Well, these statistics shouldn’t trouble you much. Moreover, with the steady growth of the pharmaceutical market (research to distribution), so is there need for more qualified pharmacists.

This article will guide you on the steps to take to set yourself as an ideal student for a pharmacy school. You will also find tips to help you with your letter of recommendation for pharmacy school.

The Role of a Pharmacist in Brief

A pharmacist’s primary responsibility is to ensure the safe implementation of pharmacological practices. They work together with the public, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies.

This responsibility comes after years of education (It involves having to write a residency letter of intent. It ensures that practicing individuals gain the know-how of using drugs and treatment to improve the quality of life.

Useful Tips when Applying to Pharmacy School

1.    Get Good Grades

To get into Pharmacy school, you need to have attended undergraduate college. Therefore, it’s advisable to take courses that relate to pharmacy studies and perform well in them. A good GPA is essential for consideration to the school of your choice.

2.    Research

Familiarize yourself with the application requirements of your ideal schools. Ensure that you have everything you need to make the application. Create a checklist if you have to.

3.    Apply early

It gives you time to compile a comprehensive application and organize yourself. Some schools also have an Early Decision option. So, if this is what you want, then start making the right steps, now.

4.    Gain Experience

Having relevant work experience makes your application more attractive to the admissions committee. Therefore, it would help if you started seeking experience working with patients. It could be voluntary or a paid opportunity.

5.    Understand a typical workday of a pharmacist

It may involve looking for work experience in a pharmacy, in whatever capacity. Doing this will expose you to what it’s like to be a pharmacist. Thus, you can determine if it’s the path for you.

6.    Prepare for the PCAT

It’s the Pharmacy College Admission Test. It’s the base requirement used for entry into pharmacy school. It tests on a variety of topics, and it’s best to excel at it.

7.    Request for Letter(s) of Recommendation

The right person to recommend you should add to the credibility of your application. Opt for an employer or faculty member, as opposed to a family member. Also, ensure that it’s someone who knows you and can speak highly about you.

Pro Tips for Writing your Letter of Intent

8.    Moment of self-reflection

The admissions committee want to understand your reasons for pursuing this particular field. Share an experience that led you to this career path.

9.    Highlight relevant experience

Gaining experience in a healthcare environment or a community service project will depict you as a well-rounded individual. It’s a necessary attribute for success in pharmacy school.

10.    Take Responsibility

It applies to any “red flags” you may have in your resume. It could be poor grades or any other setback. Own up to your mistakes.

Polishing up your Pharmacy School Application

11.    Proofread

Identify any errors in your documents and make the necessary changes. Ensure that you abide by any application instructions, e.g., if you need to find out how long is 4500 characters.

12.    Get a Fresh set of eyes

To go through the document and give you a different perspective of the materials.

13.    Meet your deadlines

Purpose to submit, any requested documents in good time. Also, check to see that they have been delivered.

Applying to pharmacy school can feel tedious, but the tips above help make the process seamless.

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