How To Find The Right CBD Manufacturer For Your Business

CBD Manufacturer

For better or worse the subject of medical marijuana has been debated across the country for decades. The legality of cannabis products has been a long and bumpy road. Until very recently CBD was prohibited almost everywhere globally and dismissed as a legitimate medical asset. With the change in the tide over recent years, the landscape of CBD manufacturing can be a confusing one to navigate when looking for wholesale suppliers to provide for your business, and you do not want to make the wrong choice here. There is a vast range of CBD oils and tinctures that treat very different ailments and only a reputable manufacturer can be trusted to deliver a quality product on a regular basis. 

If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur in the CBD industry there are a few things you need to think about. Number one is how to go about getting yourself a manufacturer to supply your business with the best product and fairest prices. The CBD supplier you choose will impact everything about your business; from the product to the delivery to the customer service, so it is vital that you get this decision right. It doesn’t need me to say it but there are a lot of people still making a living through illegal cannabis dealing which can wind up being extremely bad for a budding business. A good CBD manufacturer will take a whole lot of pressure off your shoulders and help your business run like clockwork. Here is how to choose the right manufacturer and what to look out for. 

Don’t Accept Less Than The Highest Quality Product

The first rule of the CBD business is to have nothing but the best CBD product. It is true of any industry, yes, but particularly one as new and potentially volatile as this one. There are still plenty of cannabis plants being grown in the US in improper conditions. The second you put a cannabis plant in contact with nutrients it will soak them up and become stronger. Exactly what you want, right? The thing is the plant will also bring in any toxins it finds lying around too. And if the supplier doesn’t have the right soil conditions, chances are they won’t have the proper extraction equipment either, and you will be left with a batch of low-quality – potentially harmful – CBD.

So, of course, what you do is look for the exact opposite of that! Buy from a CBD manufacturer that uses high-quality hemp and grows it in clean soil rich in nutrients. Be sure to ask about their extraction methods and whether they use any harmful chemicals that could be passed to customers. As a general rule just make sure that your supplier is competent and experienced in CBD manufacturing. They should ideally have a laboratory to test each batch and formulate new types of CBD. It’s also worth noting that your customers aren’t stupid. They know that a high-quality product is worth the extra cash, so don’t skimp on your business here and you will be able to charge the price your CBD deserves.

Find A CBD Manufacturer With Credentials

As we just learned, the country is full of sub-standard CBD products in 2020, and it can be difficult for the untrained eye to spot a poor CBD product from a good one. Fortunately, now that CBD manufacturing is legal, measures and regulations have been put in place for third parties to systematically quality test facilities just like any other manufacturing business. While CBD is legal the psychoactive THC compound is very well-restricted. CBD oil must contain less than 0.3% THC, so you can see why it is important to pick a manufacturer who knows what they are doing. Failure to meet this standard can cause huge legal problems – and put customers in harm’s way – just to save a few bucks.

Multiple-agency board certification is a nice clear message that reads ‘We know what we are doing and your business is safe with us’. Not the most catchy slogan, I admit, but it does the job. It is essential for your business to find a manufacturing partner that has the proper certifications. Without a GMP certificate, you are taking a chance on an organization that may not be making CBD products to government-approved standards. The GMP certificate is a symbol that the company’s facility is FDA-compliant in its methods of safety, quality and working standards. They ensure that the machinery and other equipment is fit for purpose, employees are treated fairly and trained correctly, and batches are monitored for consistency and have a system in place for recalls to sub-standard batches.

Your CBD Manufacturer Can Prove Their Legitimacy

While a GMP certificate can go a long way to proving the legitimacy of a company you need to be sure you can trust your new partner when going into business together. Ask them for proof that they have valid liability insurance as soon as you can. You can also ask them to show you their facilities and make sure their machinery is in order. While you are setting up communications with them you should also be looking into their reputation with other customers. Check out any reviews you can find and go through their history to find out how long they have been in business and their level of expertise and experience in the industry.

Customer service is also a key factor in choosing your distributor. Try each manufacturer’s customer service line out and test them on how pleasantly and efficiently they can solve your problems. The feeling you get knowing that they are board-certified, knowledgeable, have great facilities and know what high-quality product looks like won’t mean a thing to a customer at the end of the phone. Being able to guide people through queries and issues successfully is the final step of the company journey. A reliable customer service team is the front line of the organization, and quite possibly the only part of the business customers see, so they need to be clued in and on their game.

Regular Self-Regulation, Delivery, And Pricing

Every business owner will know that a reliable and regular delivery service is crucial to a long lasting partnership. If a CBD manufacturer has a nearby facility then enquire about having a sample sent to you to see how long their delivery times are and check out the professionalism of their product. Ask them who they use for their deliveries and how quickly they can ship to you. Anyone who can supply you in three weeks or less is good. The last thing any company needs is a supplier who consistently misses deadlines and hides fees. Immediate reg flag, close the door, no thank you.

Speaking of being reliable and regular, that perfect segue moves us onto how the company acts in-between quality checks. Not only do CBD manufacturers achieve certification to pass legislation but to protect the customers they serve. There should be constant batch testing being done – in that laboratory I mentioned earlier – to ensure the right levels of each cannabinoid is present (not too much THC for example). If a CBD supplier is worth your time and money they will have rigid testing and quality control measures in place across the board. Pricing is a tricker one; you’ll have to weigh up the quality of the CBD with the services being offered and the price proposed before agreeing. This isn’t a case of ‘take the cheapest offer’ because, as we know, you’ll have a poor product to show for it that nobody wants to buy. Choose how you invest wisely, remembering that the number one priority is a quality product, and extend that to how the product will reach you.

If you’re convinced that the CBD business is the one for you then please take these steps into account and look for the perfect distributor as soon as the business plan is in place. Once your company is formed it will need some inventory! Your manufacturer will be your foundation, on which you layout your entire business model. It’s also useful for a consumer to know exactly where their CBD oil has come from, what it’s been treated with, and how it was grown. Hopefully this article has given you a little bit of enlightenment on your way to lighting up the CBD business!

Looking into CBD manufacturers can take a bit more care than looking into other trades that have been around a lot longer. You need to do a little bit of extra legwork to get every clue you can about a manufacturer’s history and what they know about the CBD industry. Every candidate you look at should be a qualified, certified and trustworthy member of the community that can deliver consistent quality batches for you. Quality product, certified CBD manufacturing, strict quality control, warm and welcoming customer service. Those should be the first things on your mind when it comes time to choose your CBD manufacturer.