Skin a little sore? It could be the drugs

The Verve once sang that the drugs don’t work, they just make you worse, and they weren’t wrong, particularly when it comes to physical appearance.

For many, drug abuse stems from stress and anxiety, whether it be work, home life or even school and college. They turn to the likes of weed, cocaine and alcohol to numb the pain or feel some form of relaxation. But, ultimately, the impact they have through regular usage will only cause more damage on both your mental and physical health. And let’s face it, the two are intertwined.

Becoming addicted to substances can have a big impact on your physical appearance. For example, cannabis addiction can cause major problems for your oral hygiene, while meth can really change your physique. However, no matter what substance you abuse, the health of your skin will certainly suffer.

And that can lead to even higher levels of stress and anxiety with studies finding that when it comes to being self conscious, most people are about their skin

But how exactly can your skin be affected by taking drugs?

Dry Skin

The skin will become much drier through the consumption of drugs as the body is being deprived of the nutrients it needs to gain a healthy glow. Additionally, drugs such as opioids can also cause intense itching which will contribute to further dry skin as well as developing rashes in certain areas.

Wounds take longer to heal

Through some drug taking, for example via a needle, you’ll develop wounds which will take longer periods to heal. As the body looks to use up its capabilities to battle the toxins within your system, it will take longer to close open wounds and recover. This can lead to infection and can even be deadly when using unsanitised needles.

Acne and scarring

Acne is one of the major symptoms of drug addiction. With a number of drugs leading to higher levels of sweat, pores can become blocked and clogged which allows bacteria to grow and breed – resulting in acne. 

The sweat that is then secreted from the body containing harmful toxins from the drugs can aid bacteria’s growth and cause more intense bouts of acne that can lead to permanent scarring.

Chapped lips

These issues don’t just occur on your body but your lips too, with chapped lips a major symptom of drug abuse, with all the problems above also in danger of reaching your mouth, which can also have major implications for your oral hygiene too.

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