Top 5 trends to watch out in the field of plastic surgery

watch out in the field of plastic surgery

When we are turning into a more complex and compact world of digital era, the selfie-obsessed culture that was limited to only social media platforms as of now, has found its magnitude increasing due to the innovation in the technology that introduced AR and VR space. In the space of AR and VR that are when combined with the existing social media platforms and the newly-invented phase of reality and reality-games, the desire to look beautiful and attractive has been pulling people into the realm of plastic and cosmetic surgery more acutely. The far-reaching results of plastic surgery have been the core interests those youths are more likely to get hands-on with. Plastic surgeons are also making the use of cutting-edge technology to give a more proportionate look to people who desire to go beyond the selfie-obsessed culture. The plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists have been making unswerving Research and Development with new chemicals equipped with the latest technology to make the impact bigger and greater. And with the consumer demand that saw industry growth of almost 200%, the trends in the field of plastic surgery show monumental changes are waiting in the threshold that could change the way of how we desire to look.

Data obtained from the American Board of Plastic Surgery already suggest that growing numbers of youths in the US are opting towards early forms of plastic surgery to salvage their look to adjust with the social environment. While many are opting due to complications in the body but data shows there is a dramatic increase among the teens too who are going under the knife or choosing injectables to reshape their body features that would fit them with both entertainment and the virtual reality programs. The amount of money spent on cosmetic surgery is, no doubt, mounting ever more than before now, while USFDA is on the verge of approving both technology and chemicals made available to the public. As experts in the field suggest, there are some trends that must be observed to broadly understand the growing demand of plastic surgery in south korea around the world.

5 emerging trends to watch out in the space of plastic surgery

Medical Aesthetic Experts had suggested previously that the industry is likely to grow with better patient emphasis coupled with the rising acceptance of self-care devices with cutting-edge technology. Let’s take a look at the top 5 trends in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery.

  • Injectables although trending at the top in terms of usage will continue to see dramatic rise with new comments from the USFDA. A tweet from the medical aesthetic expert handle says that “It’s the era for minimally invasive medical aesthetic procedures. Injectables like Botox and fillers continue to be the most popular procedures.”
  • Micro-optimizations in the field of cosmetic procedures are also on the rise as many experts suggest. Smaller and niche-specific optimization in the body or face that would need immediate tweaks are on the rise too. Another specialist says that micro-optimization would be his personal choice that would incur profitable developments when a patient is looking to make minute and delicate improvements in multiple areas of the face.
  • Liposuction form of cosmetic surgery is expected to rise as over 90% of people are looking to become more healthy and powerful rather fattier. And as the scientists after extensive research have been able to make a machine that can quickly turn fats into muscle, body contouring will achieve a lot more in this field to reduce the effect of fats in the body and life. A more inclusive picture into the machine, Emsculpt, suggests that “EMSCULPT is the only procedure which helps people build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. Furthermore, EMSCULPT offers the world’s first non-invasive buttock toning practice.”
  • Large number of people are taking measures and opting for both surgical and non-surgical procedures to enable a fit and attractive body and face at a much younger age. As the data from the ABPS also suggest the same, it will be prudent to come to the conclusion that such preventative measures from a younger age will conserve the skin tone, unnecessary fats and body features more accurately.
  • An expert in the field of plastic surgery Dr. Fiumara says that advances in the field of regenerative drugs and cell-based practices will allow development in the field of anti-ageing procedures. Technologies such as robotics, automation, AI, 3D-Printing and new imaging methods will contribute to changing the way surgical care is delivered.

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