Why champion pro gamers stay in shape for the win

Although it’s true that poker players don’t need to have the same fitness levels as distance runners or basketball players, they understand how keeping healthy benefits them. The global circuit for professional players of all table games and esports is growing year after year, incorporating hundreds of competitions all around the world. That means people taking part are on the road for weeks on end. They may be playing for five or six weeks continuously before they have a chance for a break. Once that’s over, they need to plunge right back into their standard practice routines.

Preventing career-ending injuries

The nature of esports and table games means that players have to sit down for hours on end and this can quickly lead to certain types of injury. From compression on the spinal discs to neck aches and other physical aches and pains, playing in several tournaments in succession can lead to feelings of burn-out. This is compounded by the strain that these sports place on players off the stage as well, because travelling between destinations also means lots of sitting. Visit CBDClinicals.com to know more about using CBD oil for back pain.

Fitness training for success

To minimize the risk of injury and build their general fitness levels, the majority of poker players do work hard to maintain their general health. Being in good physical condition doesn’t just safeguard against injury, it can also enhance a person’s performance and allow them to achieve their full potential. This is partly because running, weight lifting and active team sports can take a person out of their comfort zone and give them more confidence in their abilities. As with weight loss programs or giving up smoking, it can be hard to keep at it. When the going gets tough, players find an increase in focus and the ability to play at a high level for longer is a motivator.

A lifestyle choice

Being physically strong is a valuable asset when it comes to increasing a player’s endurance level, but so is eating the right foods. Combining the two ensures professional and casual players alike will reap the most rewards. People interested in a healthy, greener lifestyle can play at a provider that shares the same values by searching for sustainable casinos at playandsustain.com. Their independent reviews take into account how a casino manages its carbon footprint and whether it donates to charity, as well as looking at its features and games.

Nutrient-rich food choices

Turning down sugary snacks in favor of more nutritious foods can be a challenge, especially when players are on the road a lot. When they make the effort, players often find that healthy foods boost their energy and mood, preparing them for long hours in the arena. Rather than thinking of food as a treat, professionals see it as fuel for their performance. Therefore, rather than snacking on the junk food that’s widely available on the circuit, they take along pre-prepared meals. Boxes of salads with lean meat and pasta, packs of oat biscuits and plenty of fruit keep pro players and their game in top shape.

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