3 Best exercies that guarantee weight loss

3 Best exercies that guarantee weight loss

Foods fuel the body with the energy required, but exercises enrich the body functions, which helps in converting the food into energy. Exercises are also one of the best natural ways to burn body fat and develop lean muscles.

When an individual starts a physical workout, it burns the fat and converts it into energy and inhibits the storage of unnecessary fat in the body. During exercises, vital organs in the body break the body fats and use it as energy. The remaining toxins are executed in the form of sweat or urine. All these functions also improve BMI, reduce inflammation, prevent chronic diseases, and prolong lives. So, exercises not only aid weight loss but also improve overall health conditions. 

Below are some of the best exercises for weight loss:

Aerobic exercise is more preferred than weight lifting for weight loss and building lean muscles. Of these, running, swimming, and jumping ropes are the most common and highly recommended workouts for weight loss. 


Running is one of the most basic and highly rewarding forms of workout for weight loss. It burns more calories and promotes various muscles to work together. 

In the beginning, when you start running, run for 10-15 minutes and take a break of 5 minutes and start running again. You can do it for ½ hour and 4-5 times a week. As you progress and feel comfortable, you can increase the duration and frequency. Running also has several other health benefits, such as reducing the risks of heart disease, cataracts, diabetes, and also strengthening muscles & bones. 


Swimming is another excellent regime for weight loss, which also makes a person healthier, fitter, and helps get in proper shape. It encourages the body to develop lean muscles and boost metabolism, which in turn burns more calories and fat. Swimming works well for your core, arms, glutes, hips, and shoulders. A perfectly practised swim burns around 500 calories in an hour while a rigorous one may burn up to 700 calories. 

Swimming is also known to tone the body in a way that no other land exercise could. 

If you are a beginner, at least swim for 30 minutes a day and 4-5 times a week. Various styles concentrate on different parts of the body. When you go swimming, consult an expert to get a proper technique that can help you achieve your goal. 

Jumping ropes

Jumping ropes is a full-body workout preferred by athletes and fitness enthusiasts all over the globe. It regulates body weight, tones muscles, strengthens the core, and improves lung capacity & stamina. Jumping rope is one of the best routines to enrich circulation, boost heart health. If you are looking for healthy mind-body coordination, then jumping rope is the best go-to option. 

Jumping ropes helps in adjusting healthy brain frequencies, which in turn improves agility, reflexes, and spatial awareness. 

For beginners, it is recommended to jump rope for 30-45 minutes. Take a break of 5 minutes after 10-15 minutes of this workout. 

Also, make sure not to jog on an empty stomach. Low-fat biscuits, cereal bars, multigrain bread, and juices are pretty good pre-exercise foods. They are not heavy on the stomach, which also makes it easy to exercise. Having a glass of water and drinking water, based on the exercise routine is also highly recommended. A pre-workout routine such as stretching is also essential to open the body muscles, improve oxygen & blood flow, and avoid soreness.

Alongside exercise for weight loss, diet is also essential. Make sure that you maintain a healthy diet and flourish your body with all the vital nutrients. 

Why is diet important, you may ask? Nourishing the body with nutrient-rich food during exercise helps in promoting a healthy mental and physical well-being. It not only supports weight loss but also helps in inhibiting weight gain and improving the overall health of the body. A combined exercise and diet routine also rejuvenates the body with a much younger look & feel, both from inside and outside. 

If you are undergoing treatment, have a health issue, or have had an injury, it is highly advised to start your workout after the doctor’s suggestion. Do not overdo the exercise or try to lose more fat in less time as it can cause injury or have adverse effects on health. 


Burning body fat and losing weight is a dream for everyone. But, it should also be noted that losing too much weight could even be harmful. A person should target to be at a healthy weight, which supports the proper functioning of the body and mind. It is also advised to visit a doctor or fitness trainer to set your goals for weight loss. The other issue is about staying dedicated to the exercise. For it, have a partner who can work out with you and add different routines or exercises. 

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