Tattoo Removal with Pico Laser in Singapore

Tattoo Removal with Pico Laser

Singapore is a place with some of the best aesthetic clinics and many patients receive innovative and effective ways to treat stubborn problems. A lot of people struggle with acne scars, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles or they simply want to remove a tattoo without fear of damaging their skin or side effects. One of the most popular treatments for such issues is laser treatment, and luckily in Singapore, you can get a procedure using the latest generation of lasers – The Pico Laser.

In this article, you’ll read what the Pico laser is, what you can treat with it and the cost you can expect in Singapore at aesthetic clinics like Cambridge Medical.

Pico Laser vs. Traditional Laser

The main difference between the pico laser and traditional lasers is the amount of time they use to release laser beams. The pico lasers can produce laser beams faster than traditional lasers for a shorter time which makes them safer to use. That way the pico lasers work on specific areas of the skin and no not damage surrounding tissue. This results in less risk of side effects such as redness, scarring or burning.

Shorter time to deliver laser beams also means fewer laser treatments and recovery period that is shorter in comparison with traditional lasers. Also, patients feel less discomfort during the procedure.

Is the Pico Laser effective for tattoo removal?

The pico laser is one of the most effective treatments for tattoo removal out there. The reason why it’s more effective than traditional lasers is in the time used to release the laser beams. As the pico laser works faster, dermatologists are now able to remove tattoos fast even with color tattoos.

The way pico lasers work on tattoos is by breaking down the tattoo ink which is then absorbed by the body’s immune system.

Compared to traditional lasers, which can’t offer predictable results, the pico lasers have proven an effective and safe method of removing tattoos. The pico laser works efficiently even on red, yellow and orange pigments, as well as black ink.

Will the Pico Laser get rid of dark or color ink?

Thanks to the technology of the pico laser, it can break down the ink into small particles, similar to dust. After all procedures, the ink is absorbed by the body’s immune system. This makes the Pico Laser very effective in removing most kinds of tattoos.

We should mention that different color pigments react differently to different laser wavelengths. That’s why your dermatologist will advise you on the most suitable treatment plan for your particular tattoo. That being said, the pico lasers are very effective in black ink, yellow, red, and orange as well. They also work on blue, green and purple but with a shorter wavelength.

How many sessions are required for tattoo removal?

That depends on the size, the inks and how old the tattoo is but most patients see a noticeable difference in around 2-3 treatments and up to 90% improvement in 4-5 sessions.

Cost of Pico Laser Tattoo Removal in Singapore

The cost for pico laser tattoo removal in Singapore can vary depending on the size of the tattoo, its position, the types of pigments used in the tattoo, your skin color and the brand of laser used at the clinic of your choice. More complicated tattoos may cost higher than smaller, simpler tattoos.

At some clinics, you can get a starting fee of 50$ for a small tattoo but the cost is usually up to 700$ to 1000$ per session.

What else can I treat with the Pico Laser?

The Pico laser is a versatile tool to treat different skin issues such as pigmentation, acne scars, and aging.

Due to the technology used in Pico Lasers, they can break down pigment or scarring within the skin faster and safer than other types of lasers or treatments.

But a huge advantage to the pico laser is that it can provide fast and long-lasting results, as most patients see noticeable improvement within 1-2 sessions. Of course, your skin type and the severity of your skin issues determine the amount of treatment sessions.

What you should keep in mind before scheduling a treatment with Pico Laser?

One of the most important things you should be careful about is where and who does your treatment. In Singapore, only doctors can provide treatments with Pico lasers. So you should stay away from any beauty salons or SPA’s that provide them. Before committing to a laser treatment try to do some research because receiving laser treatments from unqualified hands can be dangerous to your skin and overall health.

Side effects of Pico Laser treatments

Like any other procedure you can at your dermatologist’s office, it’s possible to get some side effects from a pico laser session as well. Even though the pico laser is considered safer than other older lasers, patients can still feel some mild discomfort or redness after. It usually lasts for a couple of days and you shouldn’t worry about it.

With pico lasers, there is almost no downtime required and less risk of forming pigmentation or damage to surrounding tissue after treatment.

After the Pico Laser Procedure

Patients recover fully in up to 7 days after their session. They can get mild side effects such as redness but it usually goes away in a couple of days.

The most important thing is to follow your dermatologist’s advice on how to care for your skin after getting laser treatments. This includes applying sun protection, avoiding the sun and applying the recovery creams prescribed by your dermatologist.

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