5 of the Most In-Demand Specialists in Health & Beauty Industry

5 of the Most In-Demand Specialists in Health & Beauty Industry

Many of us associate the beauty industry with things that could be considered superficial or vapid. Beauty is more than just wearing makeup and looking ripped. It represents both our inner and outward form.

It also conveys something about your health. No wonder health specialists can even venture into the beauty industry. More so, since it is among the fastest growing industries, it may be time to take your nurse manager resume, a little more serious.

Like many other people, what influences our decisions on the ideal career path to follow is prestige, paycheck and for the brave few, their passion. If you have an interest in healthcare and beauty; you may consider the following specializations:

Where Healthcare and Beauty Converge

1. Plastic/ Cosmetic Surgeons

Plastic surgeons can repair or rebuild one’s body or a specific part. Be it your skin, breast, and even facial reconstruction. You may need their service due to an injury, disease and for others, just purely cosmetic reasons.

In this age; it’s a no brainer that plastic surgeons are among the list. Most of our favorite celebrities don’t look the same way they did when they first came into the limelight. You only need to look at their before and after photos, to note the difference(s).

2. Dermatologists

Beauty standards often focus on a person’s outward appearance. These specialists deal with issues that affect one’s skin, nails, and hair. For those battling acne, only you understand the pain one more black spot can bring.

Other people struggle with hair loss or moles that are an eyesore. If so, you may need to get yourself a qualified dermatologist to help you find a permanent or quick fix for your woes.

3. Private/ Cosmetic Dentist

When you smile, do you feel confident showing your teeth? Or are you afraid to let them show? Maybe you don’t like the alignment of your teeth. They seem imperfect.

To others, it could be the discoloration of their teeth, that’s stealing their joy. You need to undergo years of training to become a dentist. Also, the welfare of your patients has to be a priority, as you give them a chance to flaunt their pearly whites, without fear or worry.

Beauty is not just skin-deep as in a resume

4. Dietician

If you want to step into the beauty industry, don’t throw away your mental health nurse cover letter, just yet! You may find a suitable role for you to venture into.

An expert dietician has to take into account the health condition of their patient before they select the ideal diet for them. Most people don’t change their food because they want to stay healthy but for the sake of looking good.

You don’t want a bloated belly or skin that looks unhealthy. The problem could be in what you eat.

5. Nurse

The main concern of a nurse is the health of the patient. Be it in promoting, managing or enhancing it. Therefore in many of the listed professions, it is prudent to have a professional nurse by your side.

Moreover, in cosmetic healthcare, the use of inexperienced staff can lead to severe outcomes in patients. Many of us have seen botched operations, and there’s a program dedicated to helping the people at the receiving end, Botched.

The trained staff could reverse these unfortunate incidents by improving patient outcomes.

When it’s all said and done, in your Cover letter or any other cosmetic procedure

While the beauty industry grows tremendously and new trends pop up, it’s essential to get your advice from an expert. Sometimes your experiments may lead to an irreversible disaster. So, it’s not too much to as for each professional’s BLS certification on the resume.  

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