5 Ways to Stay Comfortable in Your Scrubs while Pregnant

Staying comfortable while pregnant is one of the most important things you will need to consider when getting dressed and preparing for your day as a nurse or any other person working in an office environment. Scrubs are typically quite uncomfortable, but if you know how to dress comfortably in scrubs, it should be much more comfortable to remain in them throughout your pregnancy. This article will look at five ways to stay comfortable wearing scrubs during pregnancy.

  1. Get Supportive Clothing

The best way to stay comfortable dressing in scrubs is by ensuring that there is enough support built into your clothing to avoid pulling or straining your body parts. This includes your arms and areas such as the stomach area where the baby can move around, causing you discomfort. It is recommended that you wear maternity leggings under your scrubs which have been specially designed with comfort in mind. You shouldn’t need to worry about too many extra buttons or straps either because there should be plenty of room to fit comfortably into your clothing. Maternity scrubs are ideal for staying comfortable as they feature a flexible waistband allowing you to choose from various styles that won’t restrict movement.

  1. Wear Lightweight Fabrics

It may seem strange to wear lightweight fabrics during pregnancy; however, these materials are great as they allow you to move without worrying about constricting you easily. If you don’t want to wear lightweight fabric, you could opt instead for breathable fabrics, which will keep you cool and dry even if the weather is hot. The key thing here is to make sure that you can still breathe well through the material so that sweat doesn’t build up on you in an uncomfortable manner.

  1. Choose the Right Size

It would be best if you always bought yourself clothes that fit well right now rather than buying clothes thinking that they will fit better once you get pregnant. There should be a good amount of room in the sleeves, pants, legs, and body area to allow you to stretch out properly. Although maternity tops come in different sizes and shapes, it’s generally accepted that a size 10 fits like a size 6 would normally do. For shorts, a size 8-10 works wonders.

  1. Wear Stylish Underwear

Pregnancy isn’t exactly known for being glamorous, and that often comes across as rather uncomfortable. However, you don’t have to wear something boring just because you expect it. Instead, you should look for underwear that will make you feel sexy and confident but at the same time comfortable. High-quality lingerie tends to provide more support than cheap pieces and will help to prevent tummy aches throughout your pregnancy.

  1. Don’t Forget About the Shoes!

No matter what type of clothing you choose to wear, you should ensure that the shoes you are choosing match in style and color. The last thing you want to do is stand around with wet feet for hours on end simply because your trainers aren’t suitable for the job. There are many amazing choices available for women looking for high heels that are specifically designed for pregnancy. These are great options because they offer you additional support, unlike regular high heels, which can be useful, especially if you start feeling ill later in your pregnancy. Even though your bump has started growing, you still need to be careful about how hard you walk, or else the pressure on your belly can become quite painful.


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