Spirituality and Your Mental Health

mental health

Spirituality may mean different things for many people. For people who practice spirituality, their beliefs may also vary. However, one thing that spirituality does have in common no matter the belief, is the effect it can have on your mental health. Spirituality can affect your mental health in a variety of ways. Spirituality is what gives you a sense of worth or value in your own life. Religion and spirituality are not the same things. Maybe you felt the need to connect more with your own spirituality after being inspired by people such as Gale Tobin. Whatever the case may be, your mental health can be impacted positively and negatively.

Positive Impacts of Spirituality

Before jumping into the positive impacts of spirituality, you should know that spirituality influences people to make different decisions. It can cause one to have a better relationship with others, and even with themselves. Spirituality can also help a person handle stress by delivering a sense of purpose, forgiveness, and most of all, peace. In times of illness or emotional stress, spirituality often becomes even more vital.

There are various ways that spirituality can support your mental health including:

  • When ill, it can allow you to tap into your inner strength which can result in a quick recovery.
  • You may feel a higher sense of hope, peace, meaning, and purpose.
  • It can help you make sense of different things you are experiencing in your life.
  • You may have more support if you are a part of a spiritual community.
  • You may work at developing better relationships with yourself and others.

Negative Impacts of Spirituality

Spirituality can also have negative effects. This is because some people may try to take advantage of people who are emotionally vulnerable but pretend as if they are really supporting their spirituality. You can be easily persuaded to take part in things that are unhealthy while you are emotionally vulnerable.

Even though it may feel awkward to speak with a doctor regarding your spiritual topics, you should do so if your beliefs are affecting your mental state. If you are experiencing feelings of stress and are worrying due to your spirituality, you should consider seeking professional advice.

If you are being treated for a mental illness, you can speak to him or her about your spiritual beliefs. If your spirituality is preventing you from following your own medical advice, you should consider expressing your concern elsewhere.

How to Improve Spiritual Health

As you take steps to support a healthy mental state, it is also wise to make sure you are keeping your spiritual health in good shape. Do what makes you feel happy and comfortable, whether that be meditating, practicing yoga, playing your favorite sport, reading inspirational books, or even dedicating quiet time to yourself.

Sometimes it is necessary to assess your spiritual health, since depression and substance abuse can be a sign of a spiritual void in your life. This is why you should understand how to differentiate between mental illness and a spiritual crisis to get to the root cause of your issue.

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