What Are Some Uses for CBC Products?

cbc products


You might have heard of some CBC products such as Relax from The Raw Botanics company but do not know much about them. What are they used for? Why are they beneficial? This concise blog is going to answer these questions.

What CBC Products Do NOT Do

The acronym stands for cannabichromene. Although it does originate from the hemp plant, CBC is a non-intoxicating substance. Contrary to some opinions, experts say it does NOT make a person feel high. It is said to be non-addictive and does not cause harm to the patients.

What CAN CBC Be Utilized For?

A lot of medical practitioners use CBC products and oils for their patients. It has been clinically proven to reduce pain sensitivity and various forms of inflammation. There are also medical professionals who say CBC can be used to protect the brain. A study done by DiMarzo and Shinjyo back in 2013 appears to back up this claim. The product can do this be fighting oxidative stress. Some advocates want to use CBC as a way to prevent brain ailments like Alzheimer’s Disease. Will this happen? That remains to be seen.

Additional Benefits of CBC Products

There are scores of licensed therapists who prescribe CBC products to people under their care. The reasons given are that it is paramount in the effort to reduce stress and anxiety. A person who has difficulty with his or her memory may be given CBC to improve their memory and concentration levels. Is this true or simply a myth? Certified experts say it is quite true.

Where Can You Find CBC Products?

One source is The Raw Botanics Company’s website. The address is www.rawbotanics.com. The site also provides useful information on this substance.

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