Four Things You Should Know About Assisted Living

assisted living

For most people, living alone in their own homes is a sign of freedom and independence. But as individuals age, there may come a time when it’s necessary to be more hands-on with their care and less hands-off at home. This can be either because you decide that the level of care required amount is too much for family members to provide or because they’re unable to continue supporting you with daily tasks. Although assisted living communities offer lots of services and amenities, not all communities are alike. Here are four specific things that you should know before making a move into an assisted living community.

Assisted Living Facilities Are Not Nursing Homes

One of the most commonly held misbeliefs about senior care is that every facility with the word assisted or living in its name is a nursing home. This is not true. An assisted living community provides services designed to help seniors live independently. Still, they do not offer specialized medical care like they would at a nursing home or skilled nursing facility.

There Are Different Levels of Service in Assisted Living Communities

Some communities provide residents with only apartment-style housing and basic amenities for seniors who can still care for themselves without assistance. Others offer additional amenities such as housekeeping, local transportation, off-site excursions, and even help with daily tasks.

There Are a Variety of Costs Associated With Assisted Living Facilities

It is another big point of confusion for most people. It’s easy to believe that the more basic the amenities, the less you’ll pay each month. But that’s not always true. There may be multiple additional fees involved in your total monthly cost and added costs if you choose to upgrade some services or amenities throughout your stay.

The Quality Level Varies From Community To Community

In general, seniors who have been screened carefully have a better experience than those admitted more quickly. The facilities, for example, Winter Park assisted living, provide different levels of care based on a registered nurse assessment and the availability of skilled nursing care, which provides more intense medical supervision. In addition, individual communities have their own unique atmosphere and varying levels of amenities, services, and staff support. Choosing a community that provides the right environment for you can be as important as considering your monthly payment amounts.

Assisted living can help independent seniors who are looking for more than what they can provide at home. You must know what your options are before deciding on your future care.

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