Massachusetts Dispensaries: A Case Study

Massachusetts Dispensaries

The growing availability of cannabis products can feel a little like a gold rush. But, things change quickly these days and what was the Wild West just a few years ago is starting to show signs of bountiful stability. While there are still some complications for dispensaries and users alike, the state of legal recreational weed in Massachusetts has a lot to celebrate.

A Maturing Market

In the beginning, cannabis prices were so high that many people wondered whether the recreational market would be sustainable. All cannabis was sourced from the same few producers, so there wasn’t much variety in the selection or in price points.

Now, things are different. With more producers in the game, prices are going down while selection is flourishing. New hybrids are coming out regularly. High edible quality and consistency is now an industry-standard requirement. If you’ve ever heard of the Chemdog strain, you’ll probably be surprised to find out that the man behind the legendary strain is a director of cultivation for Massachusetts dispensary, Canna Provisions. Quality is here, Massachusetts.

Still Room to Grow

Even with all the new cannabis products being created, dispensaries tend to focus on flower more than anything else. This is, in part, because the demand for alternate cannabis products still lags behind this area a bit. We think that, as people learn more about the wealth of possibilities out there, other types of products will surge in popularity.[1] [2]

In some ways, cannabis aficionados and dispensaries are held back by current state laws. Here in Massachusetts, a client can’t touch or smell the product before they buy. We can’t host tastings that would introduce people to new items. So, we recognize that trying a new product means diving into a purchase. This is why dispensaries need to work hard to educate their guides and make it a point to talk through the specific products customers are considering.

A More Sophisticated Understanding

In the early days of cannabis legalization in the United States, customer demand was mostly for high-THC products.[3] [4]

But now, our understanding of cannabis is more nuanced. Total cannabinoid content, for instance, has been recognized as being more important than THC percentage alone. We’re learning more about the role of terpenes, and how they have an impact on experience that goes far beyond a particular strain’s flavor.

Bright Things Ahead

The ways that the cannabis market in Massachusetts and in other states has grown has been incredibly gratifying to see and be a part of. As more and more people become interested in cannabis products and take their first trip to a dispensary, more and more people become stakeholders in cannabis’s future.

Laws have slowly but steadily caught up with public sentiment. More talented producers are joining the field, leading to a golden age in cannabis strains and products. Science is just getting started, and we’re getting a deeper understanding of what is possible.[5] [6]

We’re excited for the future and happy to be a part of it. Ready to see how the cannabis landscape has changed? Come visit us at Canna Provisions to learn more about all the premium cannabis products available today.

What data are you basing this off of?

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