How To Detox From Alcohol Successfully

detox from alcohol

So many American families and families around the globe have a story to tell about an alcoholic uncle, father, grandfather, sister, aunt, mother, or brother. Alcohol affects so many people, especially those with emotional problems, of which alcohol became their way out. Many alcoholics don’t see it that way. They see alcohol as being less harmful than hard drugs, but they carry the same effect when you get addicted to them. If you or your loved ones get hooked on alcohol, with use over time, it can be damaging to them, but also to the people that surround them because then, they will become dependent for financial help to keep up with their habit visit: BRC Healthcare.

The Consumption

When the harm to both the individual and third parties is considered, alcohol turns out to be the most harmful drug in our society. It is generally recognized that about 10% of the population suffers from some type of alcohol-related disorder. The lifetime prevalence of alcohol dependence syndrome is greater than 4%. We are in a globalized world and alcohol is no exception. At the global level, there is a clear trend towards the unification of alcoholic consumption patterns. In fact, alcohol consumption has marked an increase in beer (and a decrease in wine). With this, we see that in the worldwide population, there is an increase in short mass consumption over time, as in the case of the “bottle”.

Weekend Use

Weekend use is associated with a higher frequency of behavioral pathology in polydrug use. Not forgetting that the incidence of alcohol-related accidents and domestic violence has also increased. However, only one in four people with alcohol dependence ask for help. This is not only when there is alcohol dependence, but also when there has been some risky consumption. They can precipitate or aggravate multiple psychiatric disorders or hinder any treatment that interacts with alcohol.

Studies are currently being carried out with a drug that would help better control and reduce alcohol consumption. It is foreseeable that possibly in a few months we will have it in pharmacies.

The Strategies

Some strategies can help us have fewer alcohol-related problems:

  • Write down every time you have a drink. Do not drink every day, deciding in advance the days you are going to drink and the maximum amount you are going to take. It is important to observe the days that you have decided not to have any drinks.
  • Try to avoid drinking alcohol on an empty stomach. If there is food, the absorption of alcohol is slower.
  • Try to drink slowly. If you are thirsty, first drink a non-alcoholic drink and then drink in small sips.
  • Plan those situations in which you tend to consume the most alcohol. If it is during work meals, it is good to drink two glasses of water before starting with wine. If you drink at home, try not to have alcohol in it.
  • Do healthy activities such as sports.
  • Stay firm in situations that you have previously decided not to drink.


When the harm to both the individual and third parties is considered, alcohol turns out to be the most harmful drug in our society. Therefore, it should not surprise you that alcohol is the most harmful drug that exists, and you should handle it appropriately so that you don’t become an alcoholic.

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