Benefits of Weighted Blanket: Are Weighted Blankets Good?

Benefits of Weighted Blanket

Many people find it difficult to sleep at night. When was the last time you got a sound sleep? You just don’t feel comfortable sleeping at night. You tried so hard. But you still can’t sleep at night. Heavy blanket therapy may help you. This article covers the benefits of weighted blanket.

Insomnia is a common cause today. Even a child may suffer from it. There can be many reasons surrounding it. It may be stress, tension, or just sadness. Besides, overthinking may be another culprit. Feelings of worthlessness may be engulfing you. Now, these are common causes of insomnia. The sleeping procedure may be at fault. The methods may be faulty.

Advantages of Weighted Blankets

Heavy blankets can be a valuable addition. A heavy blanket does reduce sleeping problems. Let us get a look into the benefits of a weighted blanket. The heavy blanket is a pressure blanket. You may call it a gravity blanket. Initially, it treated autism patients. It served as a natural therapy to reduce anxiety. Weighted blankets are believed to calm people down. Hence reduces stress and leftover anxiety.

Weighted blankets create a sense of warmth and comfort. The feeling of being secure comes with it. A baby is wrapped. It gives a feeling of a swaddle. It reduces tension and fear in babies. Similarly, this technique works on adults as well. As a result, your body relaxes.

Weighted blankets reduce or at least manage symptoms

It includes nervous disorders, sleep disorders, and general stress. Others involve mood disorders. Depression and anxiety are the main among them. Post-traumatic stress disorder or panic disorder may be reduced. It manages fibromyalgia, arthritis, and pain. Restless leg syndrome management also occurs.

There is this physical connection, a peaceful mind, and a blanket. You may not sleep at peace like a baby. This connection produces more happy hormones. This manages stress levels. As a result, mood alteration does not occur so often.

First, a weighted blanket enhances oxytocin levels

The pressure blanket provides a familiar feeling. It is that of a warm hug. Physically, a sense of security and warmth surrounds you. A warm hug releases the happy hormone, oxytocin. This hormone level increases.

You feel at ease. A relaxed feeling engulfs you. This removes all the stress and tension. The heart rate slows down. Consequently, blood pressure reduces. The body is prompted to relax. Hence sleep is improved over time.

Second, dopamine and serotonin production increases

The deep pressure formation due to the blanket. Deep touch pressure stimulation occurs. This proprioceptive pressure causes the release of hormones. They are serotonin and dopamine. Hence, a calming effect occurs. You can combat depression, anxiety, and stress through it.

Third, cortisol reduction takes place

Cortisol is a hormone. It has adverse effects on immunity, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. The weighted blanket is pretty therapeutic. It enhances the calming effect. It keeps the person grounded. This grounding minimizes cortisol levels. This is true, especially at nighttime.

Fourth, a weighted blanket causes a melatonin boost

With serotonin stimulation, melatonin release increases. Hence the sleep cycle regulation occurs. The blanket provides a soothing environment. This is crucial for better sleep. Any restless, stressed person must make use of this blanket.

Fifth, insomnia is finally put to sleep

There are several insomniac patterns. You may have difficulty sleeping. Or you may fall asleep. But then you tend to wake up every few hours. It is just too bad. It takes hours to fall asleep. Many don’t get sleep for days. This is especially harmful to always working minds. The weighted blanket can be of potential help.

A study was conducted in 2015. The Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders made valuable notes. Thirty-one adults were under study. Adults with chronic insomnia were taken. The sleep pattern for a week was recorded. The usual bedding was used. For the next two weeks, weighted blankets were used. Normal bedding was used the following week. The results were satisfactory.

For a better sleep experience

People were able to sleep longer using weighted blankets. They hardly woke up throughout the day. Previously, they were less restless before using the blanket. Using the blanket had some benefits. They woke up feeling freshened up. Better sleep was experienced.

A light touch sensation occurs under the blanket. The weighted blanket gives a feeling of caress. This causes the release of happy hormones. This relaxes the nervous system. This minimizes anxiety and arousal. This is a non-drug approach. Hence, more improvement in sleep quality occurs.

Sixth, it aims at reducing restlessness and anxiety

This is necessary to be calm in a sleeping state. The deep touch pressure provides a calming effect. This helps people with ADHD. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is what it is known as.

On the other hand, comes relaxation. The deep pressure stimulation causes it. It is beneficial for both adults and kids.

Yes, children, too, can have mental instability. The number of factors is numerous. 42 ADHD children were monitored for four weeks. Record of their life was made. The parent diaries and sleep testing kept track. The results were positive enough. The kids were using weighted blankets. They took less time to fall asleep. Besides, the nights were less anxiety-prone. They woke up less during the nights.

Seventh, it helps the mentally backward children to focus

Autistic children may face several difficulties. This is a sensory processing disorder. The school hallways can be overwhelming. The color variations and noise may be intense. This may cause frustration for the autistic child. He or she may be upset. These factors will affect the sound sleep.

Several educators and education therapists may have the same solution. A weighted blanket. It allows the child to stay focused. Hence, they can sleep better. Adequate sleep will provide a good mood.

Eighth, weighted blankets ease restless leg syndrome.

A tingling sensation is what you will perceive. This is a common symptom of the syndrome. As a result, sleep impairment occurs. You always urge to move your legs. It is something you cannot control.

The compression socks may work. It allows easing restlessness. However, it may be irritating at times. It is so when they are too tight. The feeling of being uncomfortable persists. Here is where the blankets come in the picture. Pressure relaxation occurs. Hence, the constriction of the legs does not occur.

Ninth, a weighted blanket eases fibromyalgia

This is found especially in women. The pain is exhausting. It is a complex process. This causes chronic pain. It is present in the tendons, ligaments. The person may feel fatigued. The body may feel tender at many points. This case has almost no medication available. As a result, every day becomes more painful.

The weighted blanket provides gentle pressure. The pressure is still firm. This helps to reduce anxiety and depression. This improves sleep. The quality of life improves too.

The weighted blanket can relieve pain.

This may reduce the intake of painkillers daily. The grounding effect of the blanket keeps you down during sleep. Hence, the pain from aches is less. The calming effect prevails through the night. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine carried out a study. They found the results on women. The cortisol level improvement took place. As a result, insomnia and pain were reduced. The sleep cycle improved over time.

Most importantly, sleep quality is improved.

Insufficient sleep may have many reasons. Fatigue is a common cause of no sleep. You wake up tired and grumpy. The benefits of proper sleep do not imply to you. Sleep is not restorative in your case.

The blanket has a deep pressure touch sensation. As a result, the stimulation of serotonin occurs. Serotonin is a relaxation hormone. Hence you will fall asleep fast. You will stay asleep longer. The rest period will be longer. As a result, overall health improvement occurs.

A weighted blanket provides a happy mood.

You may feel depressed. Or you are sad for no particular reason. The empty feeling is quite daunting. This may be due to less production of brain-lifting chemicals. Serotonin is. This hormone is the baseline of mood and associated disorders.

Deep pressure stimulation occurs through the weighted blanket. This restores the optimum serotonin level. The blanket gives a cuddle feeling. This enhances mood. Besides, sadness reduces.

Weighted blankets enhance the calmness.

Stress may be getting the best of you. You have a hard time getting work done. Neither can you sleep well? Nor can you be at peace of mind. Wrapping yourself may give a feeling of warmth. The weighted blanket does the job. It boosts the hormones you need. Hence, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine production increase.

The weighted blanket has been relieving travel anxiety.

With traveling comes anxiety. Many people have trouble traveling short distances. They may worry about minute things. The overthinking continues. This persists at the time of sleep. As a result, more people tend to remain awake. This may continue for most of the night as well.

The frantic pacing of crowds may be anxiety-provoking. Staying away from home may make you homesick. You are not alone. Many people go through these days. The comfort of home is hard to find. It becomes hard to stay alone. This is true away from home. People used weights. Seventy-eight percent believed the blanket to have a calming effect.

The weighted blanket aids people with PTSD. Post-traumatic stress disorder is common. Many are aware, whereas others are not. It results from stressful events. Trauma makes situations worse over time. It persists long after the incident occurs. For instance, victims of physical, mental, or sexual assault. Or the victims of war.

Different therapies are available for treating PTSD. This helps to deal with sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression. The survivors show reduced stress. This is the result of a weighted blanket. It showed improved blood pressure and pulse rate. Therefore, this is one of the benefits of weighted blankets.

Weighted blankets may also ease panic attacks. Panic attacks can be disturbing. The blanket may make you feel less vulnerable. This will help to reduce fear. There is a reduction in vulnerability to panic attacks. This blanket will give you a feeling of protection. As a result, you will feel less anxious all day. It promotes calming hormones and neurotransmitters. Hence both the mind and body become calm.

The obsessive-compulsive symptoms ease – another benefit of weighted blanket

The obsessions with everyday lifestyles are dangerous. It may seem weird to others. However, many suffer from it. They are bound to perform compulsive actions. This becomes a never-ending cycle—for instance, dirt or germ phobia. Persistent obsessive thoughts are essential for OCD diagnosis.

Low serotonin levels link to OCD. Deep touch stimulation therapy may help. The weighted blanket boosts the serotonin level. Hence, the OCD symptoms stay under control.

For older people, weighted blankets do the trick. They need the most warmth and care, like babies, and tend to stay up late. They take more daytime naps. Besides, they tend to be more anxious. Depressive symptoms are more prevalent in them.

Several types of research show similar results. It became more comfortable for them to sleep. Sleep improvement took place. Hence, they woke up more refreshed in the morning. Just make sure you purchase the correct size. The person may be fragile. So, make sure the blanket is not too heavy. This will ensure sleep is soothing.

Next, it heals the autistic symptoms. Any massage therapy works. So do touch therapy. The weighted blanket plays a dual role. It provides comfort as well as sound sleep. The stress hormones reduce. For instance, the cortisol level decreases. The serotonin and dopamine levels inflate. This controls impulse control, anxiety, and mood.

Autistic spectrum disorder and sleeping problems heal. Seventy-three of them became research participants. The weighted blanket showed a positive outcome. They slept well with this compared to regular blankets.

A weighted blanket relieves Tourette syndrome.

It is a neurological disorder. The constant ticks make it challenging to work. It affects everyday lifestyle. As a result, they experience more fatigue. Anxiety increases consequently. The deep pressure therapy may work. Weighted blankets calm the person.

Types of people getting benefits of weighted blanket


Autistic children have trouble falling asleep. Researchers conducted a crossover study in 2014. Weighted blankets can help with sleep issues. The results showed improvement in sleep scores. Both parents and children liked the blanket. However, a microscopic study showed the benefits of a weighted blanket.

Insomnia and sleep disorders

A crossover study was conducted in 2014. Parents and children have felt benefits for weighted blankets. It treats sleep disorders. Insomnia may also reduce in the process. The results of studies show the benefits of weighted blanket.


Treating anxiety is the primary function of weighted blankets. Autonomic arousal occurs when anxious. This arousal causes an increased heart rate. Weighted blankets help anxiety. Here the weighted blanket plays a dominant role. The deep pressure stimulation from it reduces arousal. A study showed a 33 percent reduction in anxiety. The results indicate a positive impact of the blanket on people.

Lying down reduces anxiety. Using weighted blankets may work. Lie down and use the weighted blanket. Hence anxiety symptoms subside.


Very few studies show the importance of weighted blankets on ADHD. However, they show improved attention in ADHD patients. They also showed less hyperactive movements. The weighted vest showed positive results. It was worn throughout the performance test. They experienced less falling off tasks. Less fidgeting took place. They left their seats lesser. Hence the weighted blanket did show its effects. Besides, a weighted ball blanket also works.

 Chronic pain

You can treat chronic pain at home. It involves massage therapy. The pressure is initially light. The pressure moderated after some time. Following this is deep massage therapy. This eases the pain reflexes. This is an indication. The weighted blanket may give the added pressure. Hence, it may reduce the pain over time. This requires further studies to prove the fact.


Extensive studies have not yet been done to portray. Massage therapies may work. A small study showed some results. There were 18 participants. These participants had osteoarthritis. They received knee massage for eight weeks. This caused a reduction in knee pain. Hence the quality of life improved. The deep pressure on osteoarthritic joints is helpful. These benefits are similar to weighted blankets.

 Medical procedures

Weighted blankets may help in medical procedures. A study took place in 2016. The participants underwent wisdom tooth extraction. They used weighted blankets to ease anxiety symptoms. The symptoms were lowered in the case of the experimental group. These results were comparable to the control group. They used regular blankets. Hence weighted blankets are good for easing pain.

Medical procedures produce anxiety symptoms. A follow-up study on adolescents showed results. Molar extraction took place on them. They reveal similar results. Hence weighted blankets are beneficial.

The heaviness of the weighted blanket

You may wonder how heavy should it be? You may determine it by your body weight. The manufacturers may recommend the following. It should be 5 to 10 percent of their actual weight. This helps to keep them grounded at sleep. Adults may use medium-weighted blankets. Or the large weighted blankets are suitable. It may range from around 12 to 30 pounds.

For children, it is 10 percent of their body weight. Following this, add another 1 to 2 pounds. The doctor or the occupational therapist may decide. They may help you get the perfect blanket for you. A child may weigh around 20 to 70 pounds. Here, the blankets must be small. The weight can be up to 8 pounds maximum.

A child can weigh up to 130 pounds. Use a medium-weighted blanket. The weighted blanket maybe around 5 to 15 pounds.

Older people need extra care. Small or medium blankets may work best. The weight must be between 5 to 8 pounds. They are fragile. Hence less weight is preferable.

The blanket should be snug.

It must fit your bed. A blanket of natural fiber is recommendable. It must be breathable. For instance, cotton weighted blankets. Try to choose 100 percent cotton fabric. Synthetic fibers and polyesters make you feel stuffy and hot.

Weighted blankets may not suit everyone. For example, people with high blood pressure. They feel suffocated in such blankets. Other health conditions are as follows. Any chronic illness, circulatory or respiratory issues. You are going through menopause. Or you may have issues with temperature regulations. Consult a doctor before buying a weighted blanket.

Where can you get the weighted blankets?

It is readily available online. Amazon seems to be the best option. Other options are also available, like Beth bath and beyond or Etsy. Mosaic weighted blankets can be another good option.

Some insurance plans cover weighted blankets. You can get one too. The only criteria are the submission of the doctor’s prescription. It must mention the need for a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are medical expenses. Hence, the tax deduction is allowable, based on law.

Risks of using weighted blankets

Every good thing comes with a price. Here, the price paid is the risk. The weighted blankets are not suitable for toddlers. Hence, please do not use it on kids aged two years and lower. Consulting a pediatrician is a must in this case.

You may be unable to use it for some reason. It may cause breathing difficulties. This is true if you have asthma. Obstructive sleep apnea may occur. It refers to breathing disruptions. You may encounter it at sleep. Next comes claustrophobia. Claustrophobic people may suffer the most. The tightness of the blanket may put a trigger.


Weighted blankets are more massive than usual blankets. They may range from 3 pounds to 40 pounds. This is heavier than any average comforter or quilt. It’s a safe alternative to drug medication. For instance, anxiety, insomnia, stress, pain, autism, ADHD. This complements the existing therapies in hand. Weighted blankets may help in symptom reduction. Hence the conditions become more manageable.

A sound sleep is essential for everyone. The following gentle pressure suits sleeping habits. It enhances the sleeping experience. The deep pressure touch and stimulation does the right job. Various psychological and physiological disorders become curable. The weighted blankets involve less risk than any dug. Hence this alternative is suitable for everyone.

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