How To Kick Your Pre-filled Vape Cartridges Habit

How To Kick Your Pre-filled Vape Cartridges Habit

Are you getting tired of spending copious amounts of money on wasteful pre-filled vape cartridges? If not, you should be! There is a very simple way to kick your pre-filled vape cartridges habit and start using a product called Wax Liquidizer to stretch your dollar. Even better, this method will help you improve your cannabis vape game in several other ways as well!

All of us know that vaping isn’t just a discreet method to take THC and CBD, it is also safer. So long as you are vaping at recommended temperatures, you are protecting yourself from severe health risks. Burning cannabis creates a host of nasty byproducts that you just do not need. That’s why people start vaping in the first place.

Vaping In The Recent Past: Dab Rigs Or Pre-filled Vape Cartridges

So vaping is better, that’s established. But before pre-filled vape cartridges, there were really only two ways to vape cannabis. One required bulky, expensive dab rigs. The other solution was unreliable wax pens that vape wax or shatter directly. Neither was ideal because of mechanical failures, leaking, open flames and torches, and big units that weren’t very portable.

Next came email, which provided a large amount of great temperature control and let vapers put down the torch. Regrettably, these often needed an external energy source which kept vapers plugged into the wall. Easier and safer, although not very portable.

The newest generation of electric vapes are sleek and sexy but carry a hefty price tag. These units are somewhere between a wax pen and an email dab rig. If you can afford them, they’re awesome. Sadly, most of us can’t.

That is precisely why pre-filled vape cartridges were a groundbreaking development. They were super simple to use and very discreet at that.

The Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges Fail

Once the initial novelty of pre-filled vape carts wears off, the problems become glaringly apparent.

The disadvantages of these pre-filled vape cartridges include incredible cost, limited supply for those living miles away from dispensaries, and zero control over your vaping experience. You cannot change the temperature, the contents are unclear at best, and in many places, you still cannot buy these items online.

First of all, these carts are small. They’re generally .5mls of product. That’s not all concentrated in the cartridge, either. It’s some kind of unknown concentrate mixed with a mystery solution that turns it into vape juice.

Your control is limited, too. You only have a few flavors to choose from, if any. You can’t pick your own concentrate, you get what the manufacturer put in the cart. You often can’t adjust the vaping temperature or even turn the pen on and off, either.

You can see why pre-filled vape carts have their own drawbacks.

Use Wax Liquidizer To Eliminate Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges

In exactly the same way we left dab rigs in the dust it’s time to meet Wax Liquidizer and embrace the new way to vape cannabis. Pre-filled carts are simply old news.

With Wax Liquidizer, you supply your own favorite concentrate. The product works with almost all concentrates from wax to budder, BHO to rosin. You only have to combine one gram of your favorite concentrate with 2 ml of Wax Liquidizer.

If you have a mind for math, you’ll already know that nets you 3mls of juice.

Combining the two elements requires a little heat but that’s easy to accomplish. Any small, microwave-safe container is the perfect mixing vessel. Use a few seconds in your microwave to warm your mix. If that sounds dicey to you, take a few additional seconds and use a slightly larger cup of freshly boiled water and simply put your mixing container into it. Don’t let it slosh over the sides, of course.

Then, simply stir to incorporate and load the mix into any vape you desire. This can work in pod systems from the gas station, sub-ohm tanks, RDAs and mods of all kinds. If you have a vape tank that you can refill, you can use Wax Liquidizer.

The mix never separates and stays stable in a closed container for long stretches of time. That means you can make a big batch and set it aside until you need it.

Make Mixing Easier And Say Goodbye To Pre-Filled Cartridges Forever

If you want to make the mixing process completely foolproof, just pick up the new mix kit from the Wax Liquidizer website. It comes with a few tools that you need to churn out THC juice like it’s your job.

Oh, and Wax Liquidizer is completely unrestricted and legal. That’s why it ships almost all over the globe. You may even find it in a vape shop near you.

It comes in 6 great flavors, costs pennies to use per batch, and lets you get medicated almost anytime, anywhere.

Don’t settle for a sub-par experience with pre-filled carts. Try Wax Liquidizer and feel the future of cannabis vaping.