Kids Dental Care

Kids Dental Care

Healthy teeth are important to the overall health of your kid. They help them in eating and talking. Kids dental care will go a long way in preventing infection, diseases or other teeth issues. In addition to that, it’ll help them develop confidence as they participate in their social and educational life.

Having good dental habits early will create an avenue for lifelong patterns. A lot of parents have a hard time judging the amount of dental care their kids need. They understand the need to prevent cavities and other infections, but they don’t know the best way to go about it. 

When should you start oral hygiene for your kid?

Good dental care should begin as early as infancy. Whether you are nursing or bottle feeding, incorporate some type of dental hygiene as soon as possible. Before the formation of teeth, clean the gums of your kid with gauze or a soft washcloth. Just because the teeth aren’t visible doesn’t mean they are not there. Actually, the formation of teeth begins in the second trimester of pregnancy. When you give birth, your baby usually has 20 major teeth; some of them are fully formed in the jaw.

Flossing should begin usually around age 2 to 3 years because at that age food particles can get caught up between them and lead to bacteria growth and development of plague, and eventually lead to other dental diseases such as inflammation of the gum tissue or tooth decay. However, not all kids should begin flossing at this age, so, go to your dentist and seek for advice and also help remove any food particle and plaque build-up stuck there.

How to make dental hygiene fun for your kids

  • Let them pick their own toothbrush. They can select one which has their character or favourite colour
  • Let them choose their toothpaste. They can pick one with the favourite flavour
  • Watch videos or read books to them that talks about dental hygiene
  • While brushing, use a timer to ensure they brush for 2 minutes
  • Give them rewards for good oral care. Avoid giving them sugary things, rather, give them something healthy like slices of apple
  • Plan something fun before your child’s dental visit

When should your kid start seeing a dentist?

It is recommended by the ADA that kids should have a dental visit by their first birthday. At this time, the dentist will properly explain proper flossing and brushing techniques and perform an examination to find any early problems. This visit can also help your kid have less fear and get comfortable with dental visits. Ensure you visit a dentist who specializes in taking care of children such as Parramatta Dental Avenue.

This dental avenue provides high-quality care to all patients. Parramatta Dental Avenue has the latest technology to assist their dentists to provide the best possible treatment to patients.

Contact us right away if:

  • Your kid has food debris stuck in their teeth
  • Your kid experiences any tooth pain or mouth/tooth infection 
  • Your kid loses a permanent tooth. Put that tooth in milk and bring it to us. We can reattach it
  • You need advice on the proper dental techniques to use for your child

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