The Benefits of Food Journaling + Easy Food Log Printable

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With the holidays approaching, balance and moderation are key. Regardless of which diet or lifestyle you follow, it’s helpful to consider what you’re consuming on a daily basis. How much of what you eat or drink is mindless or simply on autopilot? Whatever your goal is—tracking everything you eat and drink from morning to night can help you identify habits, patterns and triggers.

If you’re looking to make some shifts in your eating habits, a daily food journal is one path to mindfulness and balance. It helps you stay accountable by tracking patterns or gaps in your diet. You simply write down every detail of what you eat in a day, from your morning coffee to that pesky midnight dessert. You can also include water intake, carbs, calories or your workout for the day.

For an easy daily food journal, download or print the log by Kitchen Cabinet Kings below. It breaks down every meal and has categories for everything from calories, carbs, sugar to protein. You can hang it on your refrigerator if you work from home or save it to your phone for an easy log on-the-go. 


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