7 Bulking Tips For Skinny Guys

7 Bulking Tips For Skinny Guys

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The fascination to bulk up the body with fabulous muscles is almost impossible to snap away from. We all dream of looking a certain way and bulking up is something a lot of us would love to do. While most of us simply assume some protein shake and intense gym workouts where you lift hard can get you there, the truth is harder than that. Rash diets with excessive calories and workouts without proper guidance can get you nowhere closer to your dream looks. So, if you are skinny and would love to bulk up then follow these 7 steps and use it as a guide for achieving the desired results.

1. Be mentally prepared for putting on weight: The Initial face of bulking up usually brings in a lot of criticism from people who will pull you down for looking fat. But the entire process is bulking up can happen only in steps. So be ready to face the consequences of looking fat for a while until it is developed into a muscle. Do not stop at not achieving immediate results. Define a target for yourself and make sure you reach the goal within the time period.

2. Focus on lean bulking: The trend of consuming all that you want and shedding it all out at the gym is the easiest approach to bulking up. But remember this isn’t a piece of cake although it fits easier with minimal changes required in our routine. Lean bulking, on the other hand, is a slow and steady process of building up and various nutritional strategies are required for the same. But this method is majorly effective even for beginners and hence as a starter look for lean bulking strategies. A study shows, anabolic steroids are known to boost muscle mass, so you can also make use of legal steroids after consulting with your fitness professional.

     7 Bulking Tips For Skinny Guys

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3. Increase the intake of protein: Protein is essential and is required for your body to build into muscles. More protein to store for the body the larger the muscles grow. Increase the intake of protein in your diet that will reserve for building into muscles. Meat is among the best way of increasing intake of protein in your diet. Along with protein intake, you can also start with some good bodybuilding supplements for enhanced results.

4. Focus on all your muscles: For beginners who have never lifted weights working out all the muscles is enough to increase the protein synthesis in the body. But for those who have previously worked with weight, it is better to focus on groups of muscles rather than general for better results. Include general exercise also in the routine for better workout sessions. This will help you ace your looks in your athletic fit gym t-shirt.

5. Drink before you lift: Apart from the water after training, people tend to carry Shaker Bottle with protein shakes for consumption after a workout. But efficient muscle building happens when this shake is consumed before the workout. The increased blood flow during the workout will help in larger amino acid uptake in the muscles. Also, prefer a liquid dose of protein over solids especially before a workout as it gets absorbed faster.

6. Swap between styles: We all love to stick to our old habits. But training the same style throughout will make the body get too used to it. Instead, jump between different styles of the workout as this way our body will learn to accept the different methods and also capture the advantages of them all in sculpting an amazing body.

7. After workout meal: Avoid excessive intake of carbs in a post workout meal. This is the time when the body absorbs the best and hence have a meal loaded with nutrients. Consume a good amount of protein and a limited amount of carb, this is a simple way to bulk better.

Step off your gym apparel, and take a relaxing shower before your meal. The muscle building happens outside the gym and hence ensure enough rest for your body to optimize and gain the best of this process.

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