LED Teeth Whitening Safe and Effective for Your Teeth

LED Teeth Whitening Safe and Effective for Your Teeth

With the advancement in technology, the way we brighten our smiles is also changing. One of those includes the LED teeth whitening process towards which many people are turning. Before we discuss the nuances of LED teeth whitening, it is essential to know a few things about it. LEDs, which stands for Light Emitting Diodes, are electrical devices which emit visible light of high intensity. These LEDs are used in the process of teeth whitening for speeding the process. There are two kinds of whitening agents, namely bleach-based and non-bleaching whiteners. The LED whiteners which we are talking about belong to the category of bleach-based whiteners. Also, the LED light alone cannot do a miracle and brighten up your teeth. The LED whitening kit or the process includes various components like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, mouth trays, etc. The peroxide agent breaks down so that the whitening agents could perform their tasks effectively. The light targeted over the teeth helps in the process of breaking the agents down for effective whitening results.

The Mechanism

The teeth bleaching process is driven by how fast the carbamide peroxide breaks up into hydrogen peroxide to release chemicals and further accelerate the whitening process. Here, the LED light acts as a catalyst to make this reaction faster. There has been a lot of controversy over the success of this mechanism for the teeth-whitening. However, an overall positive response suggests that it acts as an advantage over the traditional teeth whitening home-tips.

LED Teeth Whitening Safe and Effective for Your Teeth


Are they truly effective?

The effectiveness of the process primarily depends on multiple factors. It depends on the cause of the stains or yellowish color of the teeth. The probable reasons could be aging, consumption of alcohol, or plague, etc. You will need to apply a whitening agent to your teeth first. Usually, these agents are slow-acting and the LED light speeds up the reaction of the whitening agent.

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Let us look at some of the plus points of LED whitening mechanism:

1. Gives result: According to a study conducted by Oral and Dental Research Institute, Faculty of Dentistry, University of the Western Cape, it is observed that there was a significant color improvement after the 14-day treatment via the LED teeth whitening process. To be accurate, the scholars Roche Hayward, Yusuf Osman, and Sias R Grobler concluded a high color change of 1.8 units.

2. Saves time: We often keep rescheduling our visit to the dentist due to our busy schedule. Spending hours at a doctor’s place would sound too boring, right? The good news is, the LED teeth whitening process takes just around 10 minutes and you can save your precious time for the things you have on your list.

3. Affordable: The LED whitening systems are truly affordable and you can very easily get yourself treated as and when you desire without thinking of the money in your pocket.

4. Convenient: These are quite convenient as you have options for in-home whitening products wherein you can do the treatment on your own.

5. No harmful radiation: Unlike the UV rays, the LEDs are much safer because they do not produce any harmful radiation which can affect your tissues.

Are they safe?

The LED light is a visible light whose wavelength lies in the range of the color of red to blue/violet. This means that unlike the ultraviolet rays, these are harmless on your skin. The UV rays are considered toxic due to their ionizing radiation. Such radiations are capable of causing cell-mutations or can even bring about the risk of cancer. There are no such side effects in the case of LED lights. You will be astonished to know that the LED light instead helps in killing certain bacteria that might develop on the tooth surface. However, you will have to take care if you are using an in-home whitening kit instead of visiting the dentist. The bleaching agent needs to be applied over your teeth and if it is not done properly it can damage your gums and affect the sensitive areas. The ingestion of this substance can further cause a sore throat or even stomach issues. Dentists may also use various sedatives which can help you feel relaxed during the treatment. However, dental sedation should be carried out only by experts and professionals in this field. LED Teeth Whitening Safe and Effective for Your Teeth https://pixabay.com/vectors/dental-examination-dentist-doctor-31726/

Some of the Down-Hill Points

1. Not Permanent: You can only get temporary white teeth using an LED whitening system. The results are all but permanent.

2. Result Depends On Various Factors: It is true that if this method is working on your friends, they might not just work fine for you. This is because the rate of damage done to the teeth differs from person to person.

3. Overdose: As it is said, excess of everything is bad, likewise, the overuse of the whitening agents can harm the tooth enamel and further lead to sensitivity issues.

4. Not Suitable for Everyone: These tooth whitening substances should not be used on children before consulting the dentist. Their gums are quite sensitive and can be easily harmed by such acidic agents.

5. Gum Irritation and sensitivity issues: These are some of the side-effects of the mechanism. Hence, you must make sure to be careful in the process.

LED Teeth Whitening Safe and Effective for Your Teeth



The essential features and results obtained so far outweighs the slight discrepancies in the use of LED teeth whitening agents. Although some people can indeed have issues of sensitive teeth after its high dosage. However, if used in control and also under the supervision of medical professionals, it is infrequent to have any side effects. It’s time you take a step towards the brighter side with your more full smile.

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