How to Know What Dose of CBD You Should Take

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When you’re buying over-the-counter medication, it’s easy to tell the dose you’ll take. The dosage information and instructions are written on the label. However, when it comes to CBD, you won’t get the same. There is no indication of how much you should take.

That is why you need a bit of experimentation to determine the right CBD dose to suit your needs. Getting the right dose can be both simple and complex. This is because the right CBD amount will depend on several factors like how your body reacts to CBD products, type of the product you take, and your needs.

How to Dose CBD

We are not the same, meaning we all have different needs. Some people tend to have high metabolic rates, while others struggle to boost their metabolism. Health conditions also affect the amount of CBD oil you should consume. People who have multiple sclerosis will have a different dosage from people suffering from anxiety.

Everyone’s body reacts differently. Therefore, the correct dosage for one person might be more or less for maximum benefits.

How to Find the Right CBD Dose

CBD products are available in various types, and you cannot get the correct dose in a chart. As suggested by Vsavi, the following recommendations will help you with the CBD dosage:

  • Start Small – If you’re trying hemp CBD for the first time, ensure you start with a small amount. Approximately 30 – 60 mg per day is the recommended amount. When starting, you can even begin with 2-30 mg. All you need is patience. It might take you days, weeks, or even months before you notice any benefits.
  • Know How You Respond to CBD – Keep a track record of the CBD effects and their symptoms. You can make daily or weekly notes. If you notice you’re having insomnia or a decrease in pain and nausea, write it down. When the pain decreases, it means you’re taking the right amount. At this point, you can increase the dosage. If there is an increase in sleepiness, then reduce the CBD dosage.
  • Test Small Increases – By starting small and gradually increasing the dosage will help you determine the right dosage. Increase the dosage weekly or even monthly, in small increments to help you track your progress. Taking more or less of CBD oil will not offer you any additional benefits.

Factors to Consider

Concentration– A CBD product with low CBD concentration will require a high dose and vice versa.

Your Genetics– Normally, CBD targets vital endocannabinoid and non-endocannabinoid receptors to initiate a response. Thoseaffected by genetic mutation will hardly find significant effects from CBD.

Quality– There are many counterfeit products on the market. Get quality CBD products from a reliable vendor. This is because a reputable seller will indicate lab test results that will help you know what you’re consuming and at what percentage.


When it comes to CBD, there is no one-dose-for-all. You have to take personal initiative to figure out what works best for you.